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1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Obverse     1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Reverse

(see 1795 Silver Dollar - Draped Bust)

PCGS No: 6852, 6853, 6854

Circulation strikes: est. 160,295
Proofs: none

Designer: Robert Scot

Diameter: 39-40 millimeters

Metal content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 416 grains (27.0 grams)

Edge: Lettered - HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT (various ornaments between words)

Mintmark: None (all dates of this type were struck at Philadelphia)

Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

Varieties (17):
2 Leaves beneath each Wing
         BB-11, Bolender 3 - Rare
         BB-12, Bolender 11 - Extremely Rare
         BB-13, Bolender 9 - Very Scarce
         BB-14, Bolender 4 - Scarce
         BB-15, Bolender 8 - Extremely Rare
         BB-16, Bolender 20 - Rarity 8
         BB-17, Bolender 18 - Rarity 8
         BB-20, Bolender 2 - Scarce
         BB-21, Bolender 1 - Common
         BB-22, Bolender 10 - Extremely Rare
         BB-23, Bolender 16 - Rarity 8
         BB-24, Bolender 13 - Very Scarce
3 Leaves beneath each Wing
         BB-18, Bolender 7 - Scarce
         BB-19, Bolender 19 - Rarity 8
         BB-25, Bolender 6 - Scarce
               (former Bolender 21)
         BB-26, Bolender 12 - Very Rare
         BB-27, Bolender 5 - Very Common

               Bolender 17 - Delisted
               Bolender 21 - Delisted
               Bolender 22 - Delisted

The following varieties have been found with silver plugs:
         BB-11, Bolender 3
         BB-13, Bolender 9
         BB-14, Bolender 4
         BB-18, Bolender 7
         BB-21, Bolender 1

The finest "3 Leaves" example graded by PCGS is a single MS-65.

The finest "2 Leaves" examples graded by PCGS are 2 MS-65s.

The finest "Silver Plug" example graded by PCGS is a single MS-64.

Significant examples:
(see individual varieties)

Recent appearances:
(see individual varieties)

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins" by Walter Breen

"The PCGS Population Report, October
2003" by The Professional Coin Grading Service

"Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States - A Complete Encyclopedia" by Q. David Bowers


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