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Rarity: Very Rare

The following is reprinted with permission from “The Early Quarter Dollars of the United States 1796-1838” by A.W. Browning, completely updated by Walter Breen, copyright 1992 by Bowers and Merena Galleries, Inc.:

Obverse: Date equally spaced, 4 is high, about half as far below bust as in [Browning] 1.  Lower right star is further from drapery than in [Browning] 1.  In LIBERTY, bottom space between B and E, is not much more than half that in [Browning] 1.  The small mark in relief between the two upper stars at right is not found in this variety.

Reverse: The same as [Browning] 1.

Dies perfect.  A very rare variety.

Date spaced 18 04, the 4 almost touching bust; BE close; no die cut.

Different obverse letter punches, not matching those on reverse.

Browning-2; not in Clapp; Duphorne 4; included in Breen-3883; not in Haseltine; Hilt 2 (obverse 4)

High rarity-6

Die States:
I. Perfect.
II. Triple clash marks, plainest on reverse.
III. Crack from end of drapery through last four (later, last five) stars. 

Numerical Condition Census (RWM, Sr. [circa 1992]): 25, 20+, 20+, 15, 12, 12.

Quarter Dollars of 1805

Total number of pieces coined 121,394.  Five varieties are known.

In the obverses of [Browning] 1 and 2, foot of 1 in date and T in LIBERTY are defective at left.


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