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Obverse of 1833 Quarter Dollar - Browning 1     Reverse of 1833 Quarter Dollar - Browning 1


Rarity: Common


Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

Significant examples:
NGC Proof-65
- B. Max Mehl "Allenberger" 03/1948:894, $32.50
- John J. Pittman
- Akers 05/1998
- Heritage 07/2002:7791, $40.250.00, "NGC PR-65"
- Heritage 03/2004:5632, not sold, 1833 25C PR65 NGC. B-1, R.8 as a proof. Formerly offered as lot 1291 in the second part of John Jay Pittman's Collection (Akers, 5/98), where it was described in part as, "Very sharply struck except on the first two stars which are flat. The fields are deeply mirrorlike and have only a few very light hairlines and contact marks. On the reverse, there is a small lump of die rust between the last A of AMERICA and the top arrowhead. There are also several lint marks, including one from the top serif of the C to the talon above it and another below the right wing of the eagle. The D in UNITED and the first S in STATES are also weak. The characteristics described here for this specimen...are common to all of the known Proofs of this variety.
"The 1833 Quarter is an extreme rarity in Proof with only three or four specimens known...all of the few Proofs that exist are (from) this B-1 variety. However, fully prooflike examples exist of both the B-1 and B-2 varieties and, unfortunately, some such specimens have been incorrectly labeled as Proofs when they were actually just prooflike business strikes." Brilliant throughout, the devices are heavily frosted and present a strong white-on-black cameo contrast on each side.

Recent appearances:
Choice Brilliant Uncirculated
- Stack's "James A. Stack" 1/1994:359
- Stack's "65th Anniversary Sale", 10/2000:697, $805.00, "Browning 1, Die State III"

"AU-50" (illustrated above)
- Heritage 08/2000:5518, not sold
- Heritage 11/2000:5263, $437.00, "B-1, R.2. A seemingly original coin with beautiful deep gray and golden-brown toning that covers the semi-lustrous surfaces. Slight wear is evident at the highpoints, and a few abrasions are noted on both sides. A very attractive example of this scarce date, struck from clashed and heavily rusted dies."

- Bowers and Merena "Robert W. Schwan 10/2000:1186, $437.00, "Browning-1"