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Rarity: Extremely Rare

Despite a reported mintage of 4,000 coins, only a dozen or so 1927 Quarter Dollars are known to exist.  Most are Proofs, although one (the Eliasberg coin)is in circulated condition.  Because of its rarity, Mint employees restruck the 1827 Quarter sometime prior to 1860 using an 1827 obverse and an 1819 reverse (the flat based 2 of the 1819 reverse indicates a Restrike, whereas all of the Original 1827 Quarter Dollars have a curl based 2).  The PCGS Population report shows six Originals versus 13 Restrikes, indicating the Original is twice as rare as the Restrike.  The finest 1827 Original Quarter Dollar certified by PCGS is a single MS-66, with a runner-up at the Proof-65 Cameo level.

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