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Obverse of 1849 Mormon Five Dollars     Reverse of 1849 Mormon Five Dollars


Rarity: Rare (31-75 examples known)

Circulation strikes: Unknown
Proofs: None

Engravers: John Moboun Kay and 
Robert L. Campbell


Metal Content:
Gold - assayed in 1850 at 86.6% by Eckfeldt and Dubois

Weight: 113 grains or 7.25 grams

Edge: Breen said "plain", Kagin said "reeded"

Mintmark: None (Deseret Mint)

Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

Kagin 2 - Rare
Kagin Restrike 3 in Gilt Copper - 3 known
Kagin Restrike 3a in Gilt Copper - 1 known

Recent appearances:
PCGS AU-55 (illustrated above).  Ex Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. January 2000 "FUN" sale, lot 8034

Breen estimated the mintage of the Mormon $5 gold coins at 5,340 pieces, but this was purely a guess based on an extrapolation of a 1950 figure of $75,000 for all Mormon gold issues struck between 1848 and 1851.

The obverse abbreviation "G.S.L.C.P.G." stands for "Great Salt Lake City Pure Gold".  However, an assay of the various Mormon gold issues performed at the United States Mint in 1850 showed the coins to be underweight and debased.  The gold for these coins came not from Salt Lake City, nor anywhere else in Utah, but from the gold fields of California!

The obverse die was later used (Kagin believes in 1898) to create uniface impressions in gilt copper (see Kagin 3).

The reverse die was later used (Kagin believes in 1898) to create uniface impressions in gilt copper (see Kagin 3a).

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"Private Gold Coins And Patterns Of The United States" by Donald H. Kagin, PhD

"Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia Of U.S. And Colonial Coins" by Walter Breen


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