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Obverse of Moffat & Company Gold Coins     Reverse of Moffat & Company Gold Coins


Types minted:
1849 Five Dollars 
1849 Ten Dollars 
   TEN D. 
   TEN DOL., Large O's on Reverse 
   TEN DOL., Small O's on Reverse 
1850 Five Dollars 
   FIVE DOL., Leaf ends beneath S
   FIVE DOL., Leaf ends beneath M 
1852 Ten Dollars 
   TEN D., Close Date, Small 880 
   TEN D., Wide Date, Larger 880 
1853 Twenty Dollars

While not the first private coining establishment, Moffat & Co. was by far the most important in the first period of California private gold minting. It enjoyed the highest reputation of all the coining companies, affirmed by the Federal Government when it asked the two surviving members of the firm to initiate the United States Branch Mint in San Francisco. The story of Moffat & Co. is a microcosm of the origin, rise, and fall of private gold coinage, and provides us with an idea of the importance of private gold coinage during this significant era in United States history...more

--Reprinted with permission of the author from Donald H. Kagin's, "Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the United States", copyright 1981, Arco Publishing, Inc. of New York, pages 85-92.

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