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Obverse of 1879 Pattern Dime - Judd 1588       Reverse of 1879 Pattern Dime - Judd 1588


Variety equivalents:
Judd 1588 = Pollock 1781 


Metal content: Copper

Edge: Reeded

Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

Significant examples:
NGC Proof-69 (illustrated above).  Ex - Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Sale", October 1-3, 2000, Lot 4426, where it was described as follows:  "1879 Pattern Dime NGC Proof 69 Superb!   Judd-1588, Pollock-1781. Silver. Reeded Edge. An incredible, indeed amazing grade for a Pattern Dime, this happens also to be the only time a Pattern received the Proof 69 designation by a grading service! Refreshingly beautiful in its cloak of cobalt blue, deep reddish brown, and steel gray sheen, with the devices needle-sharp, the surface immaculate, the contrast between frosted device and mirror background 100%. Barber's little Pattern for a Dime incorporates his Liberty head found on the Morgan Dollar but here reduced to appropriate size. On the reverse, a simple but effective design. ONE DIME sits in the exact center of a ring made up of E PLURIBUS UNUM above and 13 six-pointed stars below. All this is within a beaded border inside a tasteful wreath of laurel or olive leaves and berries. We end where we began, by confirming this as the only Proof 69 Pattern coin ever graded a top-end specimen, finest known of its type."

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