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Obverse of 1868 Pattern Three Cents - Judd 618       Reverse of 1868 Pattern Three Cents - Judd 618


Variety equivalents:
Adams-Woodin ? = Judd 618 = Pollock 687 


Metal content: Nickel

Edge: Plain

Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

Recent appearances:
PCGS Proof-45 (illustrated above).  Ex - Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Sale", October 1-3, 2000, Lot 4415, where it was described as follows:  "Judd-618. Nickel. Plain Edge. A scarce pattern that spent some time in circulation. Designs similar to the regular 1868 though with numerous small but noticeable differences."

PCGS Proof-64 Cameo.  Ex – American Numismatic Rarities, LLC’s “The Classics Sale,” July 25, 2003 , Lot 992, "Judd-618, Pollock-687, Rarity-5", illustrated, sold for $1,265.00

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