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Obverse of 1865 Pattern Cent - Judd 406


Variety equivalents:
Adams-Woodin ? = Judd 406 = Pollock 476 

Rarity: Extremely Rare

Metal content: Copper-Nickel

Edge: Plain

Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

Significant examples:
PCGS Proof-65.  Ex – American Numismatic Rarities, LLC’s “The Classics Sale,” July 25, 2003 , Lot 983, "Plain 5, J-406, P-475, Rarity-6-", illustrated, sold for $5,290.00

PCGS MS-64 (illustrated above).  Ex - Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Sale", October 1-3, 2000, Lot 4411, where it was described as follows:  "Judd-406. Struck on a planchet composed of nickel or nickel-silver composition. Plain Edge. While this is listed traditionally with the Patterns, our consignor asked that we include it with his other Indian Cents. On Judd-406 (Pollock-476) the point of Liberty's bust is even with the left edge of the 1 in date. Pollock lists this as Rarity-7 in his reference, meaning that possibly as few as 4 or as many as 12 are accounted for. The Pollock book goes on to list four examples, one that sold in a Bowers and Ruddy 9/75 sale, lot 998, a second in Ivy's 1980 ANA sale, lot 746, a third in Mid-American's 5/85 sale, lot 809, and a fourth tracing from King Farouk to Bowers and Merena's 11/85 sale of the Kosoff collection, lot 1057.  Because of the harder alloy, portions of the design are less than full: the feather tips, the ribbon end and date digits below it, and the bow & ribbon ends that tie together the two lower ends of the wreath. (PCGS holder 5744556)"

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