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Obverse of 1856 Die Hub Trials in Leather     Reverse of 1856 Die Hub Trials in Leather

Images courtesy of Early American History Auctions

Recently discovered, this pair of leather discs shows incuse impressions of an 1856 Flying Eagle Cent.  The discs are obviously old and the impressions are quite crisp and clear, taking into account the grain of the leather.

Are they impressions from hubs used to create dies for the 1856 Cent?  Several experts have discounted this theory because hubs with dates did not come into use until 1878.

Was an actual 1856 Cent pressed into each disc?  This appears to be the most likely scenario.  However, the depth of the impressions indicates that each disk was prepared individually under greater pressure than if the coin had been squeezed between two opposing disks of leather.

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