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Obverse of 1829 Large Cent - Newcomb 8     Reverse of 1829 Large Cent - Newcomb 8


Rarity: Common

Variety Equivalents: Breen 1842

Regarding Proof examples of this variety, Breen is silent and Wright wrote: "The French:490 coin was catalogued as a Proof in the 1914 ANS Exposition and in the French catalog.  It may be a Proof, but it is untraced and unverified."

This was the only use of the obverse die.

The reverse die of this variety was also used on 1828 Newcomb 9 and 1829 Newcomb 8.  For any Proofs to exist of this variety, the reverse die must have been polished after the 1828 use.  Such a scenario argues against any Proofs having been struck, but stranger things have happened at the U.S. Mint!

Images courtesy of John D. Wright

Recent appearances:
AU-55.  Ex - Bowers and Merena Galleries' Robert W. Schwan Collection Sale, October 26-27, 2000, Lot 234, "Newcomb-8, Large Letters", sold for $460.00

AU50.  Ex - Superior Galleries "Pre-Long Beach Coin Sale", May 27-29, 2001, Lot 1196, illustrated, sold for $632.50

EF-45.  Ex - Stack's "The University of Notre Dame Sale", March 20-21, 2001, Lot 128, "N-8", not plated, sold for $373.75

Del Bland graded EF-40.  Ex - Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.'s "Benson Collection, Part I", February 16, 18-20, 2001, lot 458, illustrated, where it was described as follows: "Newcomb-8, High Rarity-1...Large letters. Sharpness of About Uncirculated-55 but on the reverse are two large areas where some light raised corrosion exists on AT of STATES and around the U in UNITED is an area of heavier raised corrosion. Medium brown with olive overtones on the obverse and some dark red on the reverse. Nice on the obverse, but the reverse does have the corrosion problems. Worth inspecting. Ex: James G. Macallister 2/20/45 as "Unc." at $20.", sold for $230.00

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"The Cent Book 1816-1839" by John D. Wright

"Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia Of U.S. And Colonial Coins" by Walter Breen

Relevant collector organizations:
Early American Coppers Club