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Obverse of 1847 Large Cent - Newcomb 10     Reverse of Obverse of 1847 Large Cent - Newcomb 10


Rarity: Scarce

Variety Equivalents:  


Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

Significant examples:
MS-60+ (illustrated above).  Ex - L. Neilson 6/75 - Louis Ullian - Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Sale", June 5-7, 2000, Lot 372, where it was described as follows: "N-10 R3+ MS60+ Frosty steel brown with bluish steel overtones and generous traces of faded mint red on both sides, especially the reverse. Would rate a couple points better except for a small carbon spot on star 11 and another on the left side of the U in UNITED. The only contact mark is a dull nick close to the ribbon under the N in CENT. An attractive example in spite of the minor defects. EDS with fine die polishing lines visible in the fields on both sides. Tied for CC#3 overall but finest of the early die state."

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"Attribution Guide For United States Large Cents 1840-1857", 2nd edition by J.R. Grellman and Jules Reiver.

"Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia Of U.S. And Colonial Coins" by Walter Breen

Relevant collector organizations:
Early American Coppers Club