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1843 LARGE CENT - 
Newcomb 14

Variety equivalents:

Rarity: Very Rare (estimated 15-18 known)

Designer: Christian Gobrecht

Diameter: 27 millimeters

Metal content:
Copper - 100%

Weight: 168 grains (10.89 grams)

Edge: Plain

Mintmark: None (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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Significant examples:
"Very Choice Proof".  Ex - Judge Joseph F. Sawicki, May 10, 1948, sold as part of a complete copper and silver Proof set (in an original case) for $225.00 - John Jay Pittman - David Akers Numismatics, Inc. "The John Jay Pittman Collection", October 21-23, 1997, Lot 832b, illustrated, "...Prominent lint mark in the field behind the head, halfway between the neck and the 11th star...tiny planchet depression, 'as made', in front of the truncation of the neck...a few pinpoint carbon spots as well as a spot below the 13th star and another at the top of the 4 of the date...", sold as part of the complete 1843 Proof set (still in the original case) to which Pittman had added the Proof 1843 Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle, and Eagle!  This set may be complete set that appeared in the 1895 Winsor sale as Lot 1067, said to have been presented to President Tyler.

Only Proofs (no circulation strikes) are known of this variety

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Early American Coppers Club