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Obverse of 1798 Half Eagle - Plain Eagle Reverse - The Lilly Specimen     Reverse of 1798 Half Eagle - Plain Eagle Reverse - The Lilly Specimen

Plain Eagle on Reverse

Images courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution

Very Fine (illustrated above).  B. Max Mehl's sale of the " Ten Eyck" collection, 1922, Lot 166, $5,250.00 - Newcomer - Stack's sale of the " Davis-Graves" collection - C. T. Weihman - Lilly - Smithsonian.  This example has many scratches, especially a thin scratch through Liberty's cap visible on the plates of all the above sales and it has had a scratch in the right obverse field smoothed.  This example is the one plated in the Ten Eyck and Davis-Graves sales and is also on Mehl's Newcomer plates.  This coin is attributed to Col. Green in Cory Gillilland's Sylloge as are many Weihman/Lilly coins, some possibly in error.  This is NOT the one on the Col. Green plates nor is it the Baldenhofer coin. (Please note that the Col. Green plates usually only show one coin per variety).