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Rarity: Rare

Recent appearances:
"Very Fine".  Stack's 06/1998:1221 - Stack's "Queller Family" 10/2002:2, $8,500.00, "1794 Flowing Hair. O.103. Very Fine. Rarity-5. A rare variety that is almost certainly High Condition Census and one of the finest known. The best Logan recorded in 1998 was a F-15. The finest is the Starr coin we sold in 1992, ex Colonel Green and Beistle. Herrman lists the presently offered coin as third in his list. This piece is sharper and better looking than the Benson coin. This variety was missing from the Pryor collection. Both sides are an even, pearl gray with a touch of deeper color on the right wing root and the eagle's neck. This is a nice, problem-free specimen with even wear, all design types and legends clear, and a full border of denticles on both sides. In terms of obverse sharpness it rivals the Overton plate coin; the reverse center is soft. Struck from apparently perfect dies. Perfect edge lettering.  Ex Stack's June 1998 Sale, lot 1221.  With a Condition Census that runs no higher than Fine and a rarity rating of R-5. Overton 103 is a tough variety to find and when found, will be a very low grade coin. Clearly, this is one variety whose low mintage circulated heavily at the time. Since the very early dates usually get attributed by dealers and collectors, it is not likely that many more O.103's remain to be found."

Choice Very Fine.  Stack's "September Sale", 09/2000:349, $7,475.00

PCGS VG-8.  Purchased from Julian Leidman, 09/1991 - Goldbergs "Benson Collection, Part I", 02/2001:1721, "Overton-103", $2,875.00

Net G-6.  Ex - Bowers and Merena Galleries' Robert W. Schwan Collection Sale, October 26-27, 2000, Lot 1275, "Overton-103", sold for $1,667.50

Sources and/or recommended reading:
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