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Obverse of 1807 Half Dollar - Overton 112     Reverse of 1807 Half Dollar - Overton 112


Variety nickname:
Large Stars, 50/20

PCGS No: 6086

Rarity: Very Common

The finest 1807 Capped Bust "Large Stars, 50/20" Half Dollars graded by PCGS are 2 MS-65's (includes more than one variety)


Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

Recent appearances:
PCGS MS-63 (illustrated above).  Overton 112.  Ex - Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach" Sale, October 1-3, 2000, Lot 3274, where it was described as follows: "Nicely toned and lustrous throughout. A very handsome example of this early variety. Stars are large and well formed, close to the milling which, in this instance, is weak or lacking due to an aged die. Scarce.  The first design of John Reich's capped bust left Half Dollar (1807-8) employs a substantially different treatment of hair, cap, drapery, and portrait than does any of the later designs, and is separately listed in the Guide Book.  The nature of the progressive changes in the style of Reich's bust design -- from fine hair to coarse, and then starting over with fine again -- shows clearly that in this period the Mint was using master dies rather than hubs, as these modifications would have required the addition of more metal to a hub, but merely deepening of the engraving on a master die. The "Master Die" concept was, according to Stack's and other researchers, standard practice at the Mint until many years after the end of the Bust Half Dollar series."

Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.  Ex - Stack's "The Marvin Taichert Collection of U.S. Type Coins", May 9, 2001, Lot 46, plated, sold for $19,550.00  Ex Jimmy Hayes Collection (Stack's, October 1985); Bowers and Merena's sale of January 26, 1990, lot 262

AU-53.  Ex - Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.'s "Benson Collection, Part I", February 16, 18-20, 2001, Lot 1733, "Large Stars, 50 over 20, Overton-112, Rarity-2", illustrated, sold for $1,380.00

NGC AU-53.  Ex - Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc.'s "Long Beach Signature Sale", May 31-June 2, 2001, Lot 8352, not illustrated, sold for $1,207.50

PCGS AU-50.  Large Stars, 50 over 20.  Ex - Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc.'s "Philadelphia 2000 Signature Sale", August 6-7, 2000, Lot 5975, "O-112", not illustrated, not sold

AU.  Ex- Stack's "The September Sale", September 12-13, 2000, Lot 353, "Overton-112" @$1,495.00

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836", Third Edition, by Al C. Overton

"The PCGS Population Report, April 2003" by The Professional Coin Grading Service