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Obverse of 1795 Half Cent - Cohen 2a     Reverse of 1795 Half Cent - Cohen 2a


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This obverse is known as the "Punctuated Date" because of a comma-like die defect between the 1 and the 5 of the date.

The obverse die of this variety was also used on:
1795 Cohen 3 
1795 Cohen 4

The reverse die of this variety was also used earlier on:
1795 Cohen 1

Images courtesy of Gene Braig

Cohen 2a - Normal Planchet (approximately 104 grains)
Cohen 2b - Thin Planchet (approximately 84 grains)

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"American Half Cents - The 'Little Half Sisters' (Second Edition)" by Roger S. Cohen, Jr.

"Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia Of U.S. And Colonial Coins" by Walter Breen

Relevant collector organizations:
Early American Coppers Club