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Obverse of 1796 Dime - JR-3     Reverse of 1796 Dime - JR-3

1796 DIME - 

Rarity: Rare

The obverse die of this variety was also used on:
1796 JR-4

In June 2003, Michael S. Fey reported the discovery of examples of 1796 JR-3 and JR-4 with widely repunched 6's in the date.

This was the only use of the reverse die.

Images courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.

Significant examples:
"Uncirculated".  Ex - B.A. Seaby, Ltd. (London, England), June 1945, sold for approximately $30.00 - John Jay Pittman - David Akers Numismatics, Inc. "John Jay Pittman Collection - Part One", October 21-23, 1997, Lot 532, illustrated.

Recent appearances:
Net VF-25 Rim Bruised.  Ex - Bowers and Merena Galleries' Robert W. Schwan Collection Sale, October 26-27, 2000, Lot 574, sold for $1,552.00

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"Early United Dimes 1796-1837" by David J. Davis et al.

"Fey Finds Dime With Repunched '6'", Numismatic News, June 10, 2003, page 1.