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Obverse of 1783 Washington & Independence, Draped Bust     Reverse of 1783 Washington & Independence, Draped Bust

1783 Washington & Independence Draped Bust Restrike
Images courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles


George Washington's portrait appears on a wide variety of coins, medals, and tokens honoring everything from his birth to significant events in his life to his military achievements to his death.  What to collect as a part of the "Colonial" series is vexing because many of these items were struck overseas and/or in the post-Colonial period.  In a bow to tradition, we list those which have appeared in the past in important reference works (plus a few which haven't); in all cases, we'll explain the circumstances surrounding each piece and their numismatic significance.

1783 Washington "Unity States" Cent 
Undated Washington Double Head Cent 
1783 Washington & Independence Cent - Small Military Bust 
1783 Washington & Independence Cent - Large Military Bust 
1783 Washington & Independence Cent - Draped Bust 
1784 Washington "Ugly Head"
1791 Washington / Liverpool Halfpenny 
1791 Washington / Large Eagle Cent 
1791 Washington / Small Eagle Cent 
Hancock Patterns 
             1792 Washington / Large Eagle and Stars 
             Undated "WASHINGTON BORN VIRGINIA" / Large Eagle and Stars 
             Undated Washington / "WASHINGTON BORN VIRGINIA" 
             Undated Washington / "WASHINGTON PRESIDENT" 
Getz Patterns 
             1792 Washington / Small Eagle and Stars 
             1792 Washington / Large Eagle, no Stars 
1792 Washington "Roman Head" Cent 
1793 Washington / Ship Halfpenny 
1795 Washington / Grate Halfpenny 
1795 Washington / Liberty & Security Halfpenny 
Undated (c. 1795) Washington / Liberty & Security Penny 
Undated (1792-1795) Washington Success Medal - Small 
Undated (1792-1795) Washington Success Medal - Large 
Undated Washington North Wales Halfpenny 

Significant examples:
In the February 2005 issue of NUMISMATIST (page 63), William Anton offered a 1785 Gen. Washington Large Star Confederatio for $385,000.00, describing it as follows: "Choice Abt. Unc.  Full hair on Washington's head."

Recent appearances:
1792 Getz pattern or "cent".  VF-25 or so.  Ex – American Numismatic Rarities, LLC’s “The Classics Sale,” July 25, 2003 , Lot 83, "Copper, Breen 1355, Unique", illustrated, sold for $5,290.00