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St. Patrick Farthing in Silver
Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc.

St. Patrick Farthing in Copper 
St. Patrick Farthing in Silver
St. Patrick Farthing in Gold - Unique
St. Patrick Halfpenny in Copper

The St. Patrick coins (so-named because of the image of the saint that appears on the back of the coins) were struck sometime prior to 1681, when some of them were brought to America by a man named Mark Newby.  The front of the coins show a crowned king on his knees playing a harp and gazing up at a crown.  The back of the Farthings show St. Patrick driving serpents into the sea; the back of the Halfpennies show St. Patrick surrounded by a crowd of people.  Although these coins were struck overseas, they became legal money in New Jersey in May, 1682 because of the pressing need for coins in the Colonies.

Many of the copper pieces have a brass plug inserted deliberately to give the large crown a golden color.