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1785 Nova Constellatio Copper Reverse     1785 Nova Constellatio Copper Obverse

Images courtesy of Early American History Auctions

1783 Pointed Rays on obverse / Large "U.S." on reverse
     Crosby 1-A - Scarce

1783 Pointed Rays on obverse / Small "U.S." on reverse
     Crosby 2-B - Common

1783 Blunt Rays on obverse / Small "U.S." on reverse
     Crosby 3-C - Scarce

1785 Blunt Rays on obverse 
     Crosby 1-B - Scarce

1785 Pointed Rays on obverse
     Crosby 2-A - Rare
     Crosby 3-B - Common
     Crosby 4-C - Rare
     Crosby 4-D - Rare
     Crosby 5-E - Very Scarce

     Crosby 1-A - Extremely Rare

Significant examples:
In the February 2005 issue of NUMISMATIST (page 63), William Anton offered a 1783 NOva Constellatio Copper: 10 Unit for $385,000.00, describing it as follows: "Missing in the Unique Pattern Set -- Gem deep mirror proof struck with a beveled edge in a collar.  Ex. Baldwin.  Just breathtaking."