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Obverse of John Chalmers' Threepence     Reverse of John Chalmers' Threepence

Images courtesy of Early American Numismatics, Inc.

PCGS EF-40.  Ex - Early American History Auctions, Inc.'s Mail Bid Sale, October 14, 2000, Lot 977, unsold - Early American History Auctions, Inc.'s Mail Bid Sale, June 9, 2001, Lot 1242, where it was described as follows: "1783 Chalmers Threepence, PCGS graded Extremely Fine-40.  This tiny silver coin is one of only a handful of coin types made in or for Maryland (others include the Lord Baltimore coins from nearly 100 years earlier and other denominations by Chalmers). In terms of rarity, the Chalmers threepence is actually rarer than the Shillings, even though they are unfairly valued the same. This example is toned in a deep, natural, steel-gray color that is both original and attractive. In terms of detail and overall quality, this one beats the GUIDEBOOK plate coin with ease. The detailing of the clasped hands is particularly impressive."