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NEWMAN 101-EE (Silver)

Rarity: 2 known

Variety equivalents: 

Obverse: unfinished Fugio Cent style die, with a sundial in the center and a sun with a sharply defined semicircle of rays surrounding.

Reverse: thirteen circles in a never-ending link, each circle containing a five-pointed star.  Normal "UNITED STATES / WE ARE ONE" configuration at center except that stubby rays emanate in all directions from the round label.

Believed to be a 19th century fantasy.

Known examples (2):
1. "Proof-60 or thereabouts, perhaps lightly cleaned long ago, lightly brushed as well."  Ex - Chapman Brothers sale of the C.T. Whitman collection, May 1893 - R.C.H. Brock - gifted to the University of Pennsylvania - John J. Ford, Jr. (New Netherlands Coin Company) - Dr. James Sloss - Stack's sale of the Dr. David L. Spence collection, March 1975, Lot 745 - Bowers and Merena Galleries "The Rarities Sale", January 8, 2002, Lot 5, illustrated, "152.7 grains...28.2 mm...", sold for $5,060.00.

2. Garrett (1980).

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