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FRENCH COLONIES DOUBLE SOL (also known as 24 Deniers or Sou Marqué)

Under the Edict of October 1738, all of the earlier French coins of 30 Deniers were recalled and replaced with a new billon coin with a value of 24 Deniers.  These "Double Sols" or "Sous Marqués" were issued from 1738 to 1864.  In the earliest years, all of the French mints produced Double Sols; in later years, only the Paris and Strasbourg facilities were used.

Although billon is already an alloy with a low percentage of silver, many of the later issues were debased even further.  In extreme cases, the only silver in the coins was a thin plating applied over the surfaces.  Thus, it is not uncommon to find circulated examples with a copper color.  Conversely, examples with a high percentage of the original silvering still remaining are sometimes quite rare or non-existent.

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