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Obverse of (1694) Elephant Token - Thin Planchet - GOD PRESERVE LONDON on reverse     Reverse of (1694) Elephant Token - Thin Planchet - GOD PRESERVE LONDON on reverse

Thin Planchet,

Images courtesy of Early American History Auctions

Recent appearances:
"Superb Uncirculated, counterstamped reverse".  EAHA 6/2004:872, $4,887.50

"VF-30".  EAHA 08/2002:888, where it was described as follows: "(1694) London Elephant Halfpenny Token, Thin Planchet, Very Fine-30. 132.7 grains. The thin planchet Elephant Token is recognized as a rarity in this series and is valued in the GUIDEBOOK at about twice that of the Thick Planchet Elephant Token. However, our experience is that the Thin Planchet is considerably rare than the Thick Planchet. Since 1995 (when we first started keeping track of these things), we've offered over 25 of the Thick versions, but this is only the first Thin Planchet example we've had the pleasure of offering. This one is a nice, dark brown color with lighter brown high points. The surfaces are nicely preserved and free of defects. The details suggest a grade of Extremely Fine, but this one was struck from dies that were not quite parallel, resulting in weakness on the elephant's head and on the bottom of the shield on the opposite side of the coin."