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Reverse of 1787 Brasher "Half Doubloon"     Obverse of 1787 Brasher "Half Doubloon"


Variety: Breen 984

Mintage: Unrecorded, only one known!

Designer: Ephraim Brasher
Engraver: Ephraim Brasher


Metal Content:

Gold, fineness unknown

Weight: reported to be 204 grains


Images courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution

ex David Proskey - Boyd - Colonel Green - Frank Smith - Major Ball - Josiah K. Lilly - Smithsonian Institution.  This unique gold coin was discovered circa 1928 by an unidentified lady in an accumulation of coins.  At first glance, the edges appear to have been "clipped" to remove some of the gold metal, but according to Breen, the planchet is thinner, the edge is normal and the weight is approximately half that of the "doubloons".

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