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What's my coin worth?
The value of a coin is based on rarity and condition, not how old it is.  To determine the value of your coin, go to your local bookstore and purchase a copy of the latest edition of "A GUIDEBOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS" (also known as "The Redbook)."  The Redbook provides all the information you need to identify, grade and appraise your coins.  

Should I clean my coins?
Generally speaking, you should never clean your coins.  Collectors prefer original, natural surfaces and will usually discount cleaned coins, sometimes heavily.  Because condition is such a big contributor to value, it doesn't take much to destroy the value of a rare coin, so leave the cleaning to the experts.


I have a 1943 Bronze Cent.  How can I tell if it is real?
Less than a dozen genuine 1943 Bronze Cents are known, but there are literally tens of thousands of copper-plated 1943 Steel Cents.  Test a suspect 1943 Bronze Cent with a magnet.  If the coin is attracted to the magnet, it's been copper-plated.  If not, contact us immediately.